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In general, one of the best ways to improve speaking and listening skills is definitely putting yourself through tough situations in which there isn’t any chance of speaking your mother tongue. Speaking English only with native speakers is very important to enrich vocabulary,  therefore, going to places of social interaction is something that can help a lot. In a relaxing environment everybody feels more confident to talk using the target language. 

As you might have heard, The Ivy is a popular club among students at SEA. Especially on Thursdays a whole bunch of them takes a journey to the city to have a great night. Despite their lack of concentration the following day at school, it is still worth going every time as it is a convenient way to meet new people. Ivy is always packed, and because of that you not only will you encounter other foreign students but also real Australians. Sometimes this will end up in making new connections. 

It is interesting to think how such a noisy atmosphere can relieve the pressure of speaking English in public. It’s very common and pretty normal to feel unsettled when interacting in English, so practicing in a fun kind of place makes it easier to do so.  Ivy is also an ideal club for SEA students as you are able to go in a big group even if you have a different tastes in music. That’s because there are 4 different floors with several stages. So there will be something for everyone! 

After a long night chatting and dancing, Ivy’s location is also very convenient as McDonald’s is a stone throw from it. So you can enjoy your midnight burger before you catch a bus back home! Furthermore, since so many students go there, the share for an uber ride back home can be quite cheap as well. While you’re in the uber you have the opportunity to improve your speaking skills as well. As the ability to speak a foreign language increases with your alcohol level, it won’t be hard to get some extra practice with your uber driver. Not only are they very good listeners, they also try to  show interest in your stories and experiences. Some of them will also teach you things you might not know such as Australia’s geography, history or cultural differences.

We hope this has convinced you to give this outstanding club a try and assure yourself and your friends about its awesomeness. Having a mix of social life and learning is something that everyone should look forward to doing. Believe it or not,  your teacher might also love it if you go every Thursday as long as you keep in mind that if you are hungover and lose focus in class it may affect your learning progress and even your attendance! So remember to weigh things up and keep on studying and having fun with your mates at SEA!


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