The Place To Be

Now, it has been made official. A psychological survey confirmed Manly the new hot spot of the whole world. Manly and its citizens had to struggle through various examinations and – we all knew before – came out to be the winner! But, what makes Manly so special?

First of all, its a great place for adolescents, either tourists or natives. The mix of Australian people together with students from abroad makes it a multicultural place worth staying for a few months. This has also an impact on the rich food world. It doesnt matter if you prefer real Japanese sushi or Brazilian deliciousness, everythings directly available. Besides eating, there are a lot of places to go out at night. Every day of the week, something differents on the schedule. Being a party animal, you will love Manly and its pubs and bars. The dancers might enjoy the Ivy on Thursday evenings in Sydney, which is easily reachable with the ferry – stunning views guaranteed!

But Manly is not only a sweet place to enjoy life, its also a great spot to study. For all the surfer girls and boys, Manly is the perfect place. Before or after school, catching the wave of a lifetime is always possible. But Manly is not only good for surfers, almost every sport can be done in lovely Manly, from extreme ones to only spying on hot chicks at the beach. The advantage compared to Sydney: its not that annoyingly busy. Everyone takes his time and is not in a hurry as they are in the surroundings of the Opera House. Another sweet thing about Manly: if you are the kind of guy who needs extremes, you just have to hop on a bus, or the ferry and – voila- big city lifes all around you!

And now last but not least, why you should study at our beloved SEA! To start with the best advantage: we become free library members! My foolish bookish heart almost skipped a beat from pure excitement. But, no worries, thats definitely not the only positive thing about the Sydney English Academy. Step inside and you will feel directly the friendly atmosphere when you look into lovely Michelle’s face. Theres no need to be afraid of homesickness, as the school is just like a family! Being a SEA student brings a lot of opportunities, such as the honour of watching the famous Sea-Eagles play (its worth it, even when theyre losing.) And you have a real chance to meet people from all over the world!

Enough now from my side. If you havent realised it yet, you just have to see Manly before you die.

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