236_1_20121123_191541For some of our students this is their first trip overseas.  They have never travelled nor met people of a different culture.  Usually at the beginning of their course they are a little wary.  Maybe they think that people from another country must be very different from them.  But in a very short period of time they begin to understand that we are all very similar, wherever we come from, whatever our culture, background, age, religion or sexuality.  We all want love and peace and friendship and laughter, and happy, healthy family and friends to enjoy the good times with and to support each other through the hard times.  So many of our students just don’t want to leave when it comes to the end of their course.  At SEA they have a sense of belonging; that they have  found another family.   A family of international citizens with whom they’ve shared all the ups and downs of life.  It is very hard to leave your family but we always tell students these bonds will not be broken by distance alone.  We are so lucky to live in a world where we can so easily stay in contact with those we love.

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