Loud and Clear! Pronunciation elective!


Hi guys!! I’m Ichihiro, a student from Japan and I’ve been here for 8 months. Here, I’d like to talk about how great the pronunciation elective class was and why it’s important.

First of all, as you know, ‘pronunciation’ is one of the most serious problems for Japanese English speakers. Although I’ve been here for ages and learned a lot of things, it’s still so hard to speak with correct pronunciation and tones.

What Tatsuki taught us in that class was… great, seriously. I learned how I can learn english and speak more naturally in terms of the ‘schwa’ and which parts of the sentences I need to stress… neither of which I had really cared about. Using a listening of conversations between native speakers and teaching step by step, we were given such brilliant tips to improve our speaking in practical ways.






The great thing is that by learning how to say the word correctly, we can also improve our skills in listening and understanding what people say. As a student who has experienced this improvement, I can say this class helps you a lot.

Loud and clear!!!





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