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In my country, people don’t usually celebrate the New Year. Instead, we celebrate Chinese New Year. The day is around the end of January and people usually buy new clothes, especially red because we think that red means good, happy and could bring luck. Generally, the family will have dinner together on New Year’s Eve and the older people will give the children money wrapped in red as a gift. Then everyone has fun the whole night.

The thing I like most about it is the feeling of people coming together because normally everyone lives in different places and they have to work or have their own things to do. But on Chinese New Year we have a holiday, so I can see the family members who have been long time no see like my uncles or aunties. I think the most important thing is to help us keep in touch at least once a year and bring relatives closer.

This year is 2020. The only wish I have is to be a better person and make myself different, like learning English well or getting into university and working hard on everything, so that everyone I know could be happy and healthy.

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