Like most people, you are likely to start your day with a cup of coffee without thinking about how it affects not just Manly or Sydney – but the planet. 

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In fact, 3 billion coffee cups are used every year in Australia. If they were placed end to end they would circumnavigate the globe 2.5 times. Which means 1.2 million trees are cut down per year, 750 gallons of water is wasted and also enough energy is consumed in the manufacturing process of coffee cups to power 10125 homes per year.

Paper cups are covered with a plastic paste to keep the coffee warm and, because of this, the coffee cups are not able to be recycled. In New South Wales, 23% of rubbish is made from takeaway food containers and coffee paper cups. 

What can we do to reduce those numbers? Firstly, when you have time to have your coffee you should try sitting in the cafe and enjoy the time there (drinking your coffee in a glass/ceramic cup). If you don’t have time, the best solution is to bring your own stylish reusable coffee cup! Besides this, some coffee shops will start offering discounts when you bring yours.

If each person changes their old habits in favour of the environment, we will be able to decrease waste and pollution in our cities.



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