Approximately two weeks ago we made the crazy decision to run 10km at the Manly Fun Run. In fact, we went running because two of our great teachers offered us two free tickets. We didn’t know what to expect about this race, so we just did it. To face a 10km marathon without any preparation really took us out from our party routine on weekends. 

Now we’ll give you our different points of view about this crazy insane day:

Luna Sanchez:

Before the race everyone asked themselves: why are we here? and why did we make this stupid decision to go running 10km on a Sunday morning? But in fact, I don’t regret it at all! I had such a great time with my mates even though sometimes they’re crazy. There is no better satisfaction than going beyond your limits, especially with friends.

Of course, we did that to be better than the teachers (which is not 100% true but only because we lost a lot of time taking pictures during the race) and principally to grab a drink as a reward after all the effort provided.

Giovanni Pereira:

The idea of running had always looked funny to me until the night before when I couldn’t stop thinking about how hard it would be to run 10km straight. However, we knew that we were all together and at least we’d be able to tell our friends a good story when we come back to our countries. The thing is, it was much more than that. Due to the fact that it was an amazing experience, we created a special bond between us – student to student and student to teacher. Definitely, one of many unforgettable days here in Australia.

Artur Matsumiya:

On a cold morning on a sunny Sunday, I got up from my bed feeling a bit anxious. It felt like the first day at school. I kind of felt back to my childhood. It was a mix of regret and adrenaline. As I left my place and met my mates and the teachers at the race starting point, I started to get more excited. All the buzzy crowd and the loud music started to increase my energy. We took a lot of pictures before, so in case we didn’t survive this test. We were talking about some trivial things, when we heard the starting shot. At this awkward moment that the massive group of people started to move, so we went with the flow. We ran around 1:30h, sometimes walking. We stopped to take some pictures at the cliff, that’s when the teachers took advantage on us, because they didn’t stop. With a lot of effort, we finished the run. I was feeling about to kick the bucket at the very end. I would say it was such a great experience and I will never forget. 

Our recommendations for everyone who wants to take part in a race: try to convince your friends to run with you – the more of you running, the funnier it’ll be. Don’t ask yourself, just try to do your best and enjoy the beers at the end!

Thank you so much to Karine and Katerina for everything!!

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