Volunteering is so much fun!



Impressions by Akie Naoi

Taste of Manly 28, May, 2017

I had a really fantastic day because I could have such a precious experience – something I can’t do in Japan.

I could practice speaking English with other people. When I doing the survey, I could make myself understood in English and many people understood it. I was so glad.

This volunteering was very hard, especially preparing but it is important for me to join anything because now I have to try anything and I need to absorb English from foreigners.

The food and wine was very delicious ? Thank your for letting me participate. It was a good memory!


Taste of Manly by Yuki Shigeta 

It was very fun and the volunteers had to work so hard. Many people came to the festival on both days. There was a lot of food and music. It became lively!

I thought this festival was very good.

I want to come to the festival next year!

Thank you!



Hayato Kishino

I was able to spend a very good time by participating as a volunteer. Setting up tables and chairs on the streets of Manly on a quiet morning.

I enjoyed talking to unknown people in English for a questionnaire survey. They were very new things for me so it was such a good experience and people were very kind. I think this is also Manly’s charm.

If there was another opportunity, I’d like to volunteer again!

Thank you.



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