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David - Upper Intermediate

One week ago when I landed in Australia I felt really nervous and excited as I was about to live for eight weeks in a country where everything was new – people, food, weather, school and culture. I had mixed feelings. On one hand I was quite excited and thrilled because of this new experience. I was interested in learning English, discovering new things and also making friends. But on the other hand I was a little bit afraid of being misunderstood because of my English, being alone, not making friends and ending up homesick.

One week has passed and I can say that I am absolutely pleased about being here as I am very happy and content. My English has improved a lot just in one week, I have made wonderful friends and I am discovering a lot of fascinating places. I live one minute away from the beach so this is a kind of paradise for me because I love the sea. I really feel ecstatic about living here and I don’t feel homesick at all. Every day I go running and I see the marvelous sunrise that makes me feel relaxed and grateful to be here.

My recommendations about living abroad are to have an open mind, discover new cultures and ways of life and don’t get upset when you miss home or you missunderstand something. Also, it is important to be cheerful and a smiley person because people usually relate more with people who transmit good vibes. Nevertheless, it is very important to practice the language, so don’t waste any opportunity to engage in a conversaton – be talkative and a bit self-confident! 

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