Learning English Is An Adventure

Hiroki's Journey


Welcome Hiroki to SEA

I arrived in Australia and started to study at SEA in September. On the first day, there were hope and nervousness mixed in my feelings.

My class was intermediate class. I found my classmates spoke much more fluently than me and seemed to understand what our teacher said.

I almost couldn’t listen and speak. I gave up hope and was in despair.

However, my host family cheered me up. My host mother found that I was obviously depressed in my house and  took care of me with concern. She helped me with my studying. I appreciate them so much.

Tennis is for everyone

In the first week, I was desperate to follow the class.  Actually, there were a few days I skipped because I didn’t wanna go. I asked my teacher if I could move down a level but he said ” Try to keep in this class for one week. ”

I think, compared to Japan, there are fewer students in the class and we have more opportunities to speak with the classmates and teacher. The biggest difference is that more importance are given to speaking and listening than in Japan.  So I was confused and not really used to it at first.

However, 2 or 3 weeks later, I could get used to it and I was starting to listen and speak a little. Also, l could make friends from various countries. We enjoyed hanging out and drinking. 

Everyone’s a winner!

I was going to finish the school in 6 weeks but I extended it because I felt my English was improving.In the eighth week, I could move up a level to upper-intermediate class. Now I appreciate that my teacher stopped me from going down a level.

I also started to work in a Japanese restaurant from the fourth week, thanks to my classmates’ advice about how to find jobs. In my job, I have good opportunities to talk with Aussie people.

The most important thing at SEA is that the teachers try to engage us with studying English. They showed movies and songs, and give us interesting games. We can learn English in a really fun way. 

Also, we Japanese don’t have to worry about the number of Japanese students because there are only 1 or 2 Japanese in each class these days. 

At SEA, we can learn English with various friends and good teachers. I feel glad I chose SEA.

Hiroki’s graduation… with Tim Tams




Looking ready for anything on the Manly to Spit Bridge Bushwalk

Lots of conversation, lots of nationalities

しかし2.3週間経つと、その授業体系にも慣れ、少しではありますが聴き取れたり、話せたりするようになってきました。また、色々な国の友達ができ、夜は飲みにでかけ、休日は都市部に出かけたりと、とても楽しい思い出を作ることができました。最初は6週間の予定でしたが、英語の上達が身に染みて感じた為、9週間まで伸ばしました。8週間目で、クラスが上がりupper intermediateに上がることができました。今思い返すと、先生がクラスを下げるのを止めてくれて良かったと思います。また先生やクラスメイトにどうやって仕事を探したかなどアドバイスをもらい、4週間目から日本食レストランでバイトを始めました。地元のオージーと話すいい機会になっています。SEAで勉強を始めて1番強く感じるのは、先生達が授業で英語を楽しく学ばようとしていることです。


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