Hi!  I’m Sam and I own and run the Sydney English Academy with my husband Mick.  We started the school back in 2001 after many years of working in big English language schools.  We wanted to give students an experience they would never forget.  We wanted to make them feel that they could still be at home on the other side of this big wide world.  And I think we’ve succeeded.  The SEA is an amazing place to be.  As a student or a teacher or a homestay family we all feel we belong to something very special.  Everything we do comes from the heart and that’s what our students react so positively to in every interaction they have with us.  If you build your confidence and your self-esteem at the same time as you improve your English, you’re going to enjoy the process and your achievements will be so much greater.  Our students’ success is proof of this.

“I came here to improve my English but I gained so much more than this.” Samuel DOS Santos, Brazil

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