238_1_anzac_day_poppiesTomorrow is Anzac Day, the day when Australia remembers all the Australians who have died in wars. It is a public holiday in Australia and our students will be joining in the spirit of the day in many ways. Some will be attending the Dawn Service of Remembrance at Manly War Memorial on the Corso with their host families. Others, who can’t quite make it out of bed for the 4:30am Service will be going to the Commemoration Service at 11am instead.

After paying their respects, many of our students in true Aussie fashion, will be heading down to the pub. Two-up is a popular game, only legal on Anzac Day, in which participants throw two coins and bet on which way up they will land! First played in the trenches in WW1, playing it now is seen as a fun way to keep an Anzac tradition alive. Eating Anzac biscuits is a must for every visitor to Australia whenever they come but especially on Anzac Day.

Whatever you do, Anzac Day is the perfect day to get out and meet some real Australians. So make the most of it and have some fun.

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