• Needing a break from studying so hard, we decided to take a day off and go to Taronga Zoo! So we, the CAE class and our teachers Dave and Pauline (and her son Luiz), jumped on the bus to enjoy a perfectly beautiful and sunny day at the zoo.

    Wandering around, we came across heaps of animals, such as elephants, kangaroos, crocodiles, gibbons etc. What really caught our attention, were the big cats (tiger, lion and snow leopard) of which we were able to take some great pictures. However, perhaps the most amazing thing was the view we had over Sydney – never before had we seen a more wonderful view over this city! After watching the fascinating bird show, we enjoyed our picnic on a lovely little spot (with the great view, of course).

    All in all, it was an absolutely awesome day which every single one of us really needed and I think we all agree that Taronga Zoo is definitely a place worth seeing!

    Written by Jessica Bar, CAE student

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