March 2013

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  • SEA – Your Home from Home

    For some of our students this is their first trip overseas.  They have never travelled nor met people of a different culture.  Usually at the beginning of their course they are a little wary.  Maybe they think that people from another country must be very different from them.  But in a very short period of […]

  • Why Learn English?

    Did you know that linguists are already talking about multiple ‘Englishes’ rather than one English language?  There are so many reasons to learn English (to get that job, to get the food you want, to get talking to that pretty girl / that good-looking guy who probably won’t speak your language but might just speak […]

  • Manly’s the Best!

    Why is Manly the best place to study English?  This is what our students said when we asked them: It was very easy for me to find my first job in Manly.  SEA staff gave me lots of help with my CV.  Then another student who was working in a café asked his boss if […]

  • Manly English School Owners

    From the Heart

    Hi!  I’m Sam and I own and run the Sydney English Academy with my husband Mick.  We started the school back in 2001 after many years of working in big English language schools.  We wanted to give students an experience they would never forget.  We wanted to make them feel that they could still be […]

  • Cambridge Success!

    We are so proud of our latest CAE (Cambridge Advanced English) exam results.  More than half of our students achieved a B pass or above with the results as follows:CAE Pass at A grade: 1 student, at B grade: 4 students and at C grade: 4 students.  Our results are proof of our excellent teachers’ […]

  • The Little Things

    The Little Things (the little things at SEA that made my experience so beautiful, as quoted by some of our ex-students): A cup of tea and a chat in the morning with my lovely homestay mum Michelle at SEA saying “Hi” to me (and remembering every student’s name!) each morning Walking to school from my […]