Testimonials from Sydney English Academy Students

Itís a good school! When I first arrived at school I totally didnít understand this school because there were so many teachers, but when I understood that they were the teachers and I was the student, so I had to change my manner of study, then I began to improve!

Filippo from Italy - General English Full Time

SEA is an amazing school! When I ask the teachers a question they always answer kindly and patiently. They always help me. They are also funny and interesting so I can enjoy my class. And school activities are also good. I can enjoy and make new friends.

Asuka from Japan - General English Full Time

SEA is a school that can help improve your English; All school staff are able to do their job. I like all and I am very happy to be part of this school. Thanks a lot!

Igor from Brazil - General English Full Time and Cambridge FCE

Very good school Nice place to stay and learn English Very nice teachers and staff -> always friendly, patient, helpful Interesting after school activities And thanks a lot for my really beautiful homestay family

Julia from Germany - General English Full Time

SEA has been a new way of learning for me. I really like the interaction between students in the class. Itís very different from my school in Thailand. There, students sat down and listened. Here, students get involved in learning and practical activities. SEA is a professional and friendly school. SEA has excellent teachers who are all different and have lots of experiences. SEA is my best experience of learning English.

Oranuch from Thai - General English Full Time

Three wonderful weeks in Manly: Manly beautiful beaches and girls, a very good ambiance in the school and a lot of fun, with many students from many different countries: Switzerland, Japan, France, Germany, South Korea, Italy and Brazil. Very good organization in the school, with a lot of activities at the weekend or after school, with also very kind teachers and a wonderful and powerful secretary! Iíd like to stay longer because 3 weeks is too short but I donít have the choice. I have to go to high school. Thank to Ann, my host family, and to this nice country!!!

Nathanael from France - General English Full Time

SEA is a little second home ďSEAís staff are friendly, gentle and lovely people, who give you not only English lesson, but also the confidence to grow, improving and researching your goals. SEA is a serious school of high quality and with fun at the same time.

Rocio from Colombia - General English Full Time

SEA is a great school, not only because of its way of teaching. It is like a big family. Everybody helps and supports each other whenever it is necessary. I would recommend this school to everybody who comes to Australia.

Camila from Brazil - General Englis Full Time and Cambridge

SEA is the best school where I have ever been. I can make a lot of international friends here. I am really happy to study here!!!

Ayuko from Japan - General English Full Time

SEA is a special school, because you can make friends and you have fun and great teachers! Definitely SEA is the ĎFriendly School!í

Gisele from Brazil - General English Full Time

Iím really going to miss SEA. Compared to other schools SEA is like a family. All the students are friendly and the teachers and staff are so kind. When I get back to Korea I will recommend this school to my friends.

Jason from Korea - General English Full Time

The Sydney English Academy is a very good experience for students.There are students from different counties but all learn Egnlish in this school. The atmosphere is very nice and friendly, the teachers are very happy to teach English. I liked the social activities like BBQ and bush walk and surfing after school. It's a very nice school and I will come back!

Thomas from France - General English + Surf

I try to spend time with all students to talk in English. Concentrate in the class room when the teacher teaches grammar. Donít be shy! Beginner class and teachers are really good and provide an easy way to learn English. Teachers and staff help students very much. Easy to make friends in social activities.

Ahmed from Arab - General English

I love my class and both teachers. One teacher makes us happy and fun so much and another teacher teach me polite way and help understanding English in easy way.My listening skill has improved a lot. My favorite social activite was the shelly beach BBQ and went to watch the rugby!

Yuya from Japan - General English

I really enjoy SEA. Teacher and staff are very kind. I liked socail activity too.

Kyoko from Japan - General English for 6weeks

My friend lived in Manly and recomended here to me so I came to Manly. Manly has lots of activities and great Manly beach. Now I have been in this school for 16weeks, I had a such a good experience at SEA.I will miss my school mate and Manly!

Won Mo from Korea - General English Full time 16weeks

How Could I not like SEA! Teacher motivated me a lot and good explaning.I enjoy to go to Blue Mountain trips on the weekend. My homestay mother was very nice person and so helpful and we talked a lot, she cook nice dinner and we went to shopping. It took only 10 min by bus to school. I'm so sad to leave SEA. It has been a pleasure to be here!

Rebekka from Switzerland - General English & Cambrige Advance English Full Time

I think Sea is the bes schoo in Manly! Teachers are very friendly and helpful and I liked the bush walk as a social activity. I had a great time. Thank you very much for everything!

Sara from Switzland - General English Full time

I really enjoy talking to people from other countries and taking part in social activities. The whole school is extremely friendly and teachers are supportive and motivating.

Olivia from Switzerland - Cambridge Advanced English for 12weeks

It is great school in a great location with experienced and helpful staff. Iím having a great time here!

Jana from Czech Republic - First Certificate English for 12weeks

ITís a small school so the staff look after me well.All the staff are friendly and have patience for the students!

Juan from Colombia - IELTS Preparation course for 24weeks

I am very happy because I improved my English a lot in this 4weeks. SEA is a very good school, everyone is nice and kind, very friendly atmosphere, good facilities and beautiful services.I really want to come back to SEA sometimes.

Jaroslaw, Poland - 4 weeks Full Time General English course

In my case, studying in Australia was the best thing ever. It was the best opportunity to know about different culture, to make friends from all around the world and to have ability to live in your own while you are studying. The staff and teachers are very kind, they helped us all the time and shared their wealth of information and their skills with us. I will recommend SEA to all students who want to have the best experience ever.

Oyuntugs from Mongolia - 12 week Full time General English course

I would like to dedicate this speech to teachers in SEA. They are the kind of teachers who let every student shining with patience, guidance, humour and love. From the moment their students meet them, they know you will help them find their greatness. They go above and beyond to teach with passion, commitment and excellence. Thanks you for being the teacher who inspire, encourage and truly care. A good teacher is not just a leader to be followed but a guide who suggests and leaves you to carry on down your own road. I am carrying on my own road.

Tatiana from Brazil - 12 week Full Time Cambridge course

SEA is a very good school. Everyone is nice and kind, very friendly atmosphere, good facilities and beautiful services. I really want to come back in SEA sometime. My tip for improving english is to attend class everyday, also elective class, conversation club and supervised study

Daisuke from Japan - 17 week Full Time General English course

The Teachers are the soul of this school and they are so amazing that it's a pleasure to come to the school everyday and study in a marvellous ambience

Juliette from Switzerland - 12 week Full Time Cambridge course

The Teachers are really helping us and give me advice when I need it. It's a good atomosphere to learn English. I can meet many people and I enjoy it.

Chikako from Japan -General English Full Time 17 weeks

I think it's the most splendid school!! I had a great time. I appriciate their lessons.

Takeshi from Japan -General English Full Time 17 weeks

I think SEA is like my second home. Teachers and students are like my family so I am very happy here.

Jeffrey from China. August 2011 -General English Full Time 45 weeks

It is the best place to learn, have fun and meet new friends. I have nothing to dislike about SEA! I feel great that I have been part of SEA since I arrived in Australia. I felt welcome all the time here. It's a wonderful place to start

Flora from Brazil. -General English Full Time 16 weeks

I love to come every day to the school. I learn a lot every day. Itís like my family.

Valentina from Switzerland. -General English Full Time 16 weeks

It is a very good school where you can learn a lot. It is like my second family. The teachers and the students are really nice.

Khaled from Arab. - General Full Time English 24 weeks

Very friendly school with cool and humorous staff members.

Conny from Switzerland. - Cambridge Advanced Certificate 12 weeks