•   I arrived in Australia and started to study at SEA in September. On the first day, there were hope and nervousness mixed in my feelings. My class was intermediate class. I found my classmates spoke much more fluently than me and seemed to understand what our teacher said. I almost couldn’t listen and speak. […]

  • Like most people, you are likely to start your day with a cup of coffee without thinking about how it affects not just Manly or Sydney – but the planet.  In fact, 3 billion coffee cups are used every year in Australia. If they were placed end to end they would circumnavigate the globe 2.5 […]

  • We recently chatted to our some of our current students to see what they thought of the nightlife in Manly.  Not surprisingly they loved the fact that there were so many great bars and clubs available for them to meet up with their SEA friends. They also thought it was a great opportunity to meet […]

  •     Impressions by Akie Naoi Taste of Manly 28, May, 2017 I had a really fantastic day because I could have such a precious experience – something I can’t do in Japan. I could practice speaking English with other people. When I doing the survey, I could make myself understood in English and many […]

  •   Loud and Clear! Pronunciation elective!   Hi guys!! I’m Ichihiro, a student from Japan and I’ve been here for 8 months. Here, I’d like to talk about how great the pronunciation elective class was and why it’s important. First of all, as you know, ‘pronunciation’ is one of the most serious problems for Japanese […]

  • In May, saddened by the ongoing plight of Nepalese people injured and displaced by the Gorkha earthquake, we decided to do some serious fundraising. Our first project was to turn our regular ‘International Food Party’ into a mini ‘tuck-shop’. Both staff and students prepared their favourite dishes from their home countries and these were available for other students and […]

  • Since April SEA has welcomed students from four new markets; Thailand, Iran, Indonesia and Argentina. These students have added yet another cultural layer to the great nationality mix we have here at SEA. It’s been a privilege and a pleasure to witness in-depth discussions in English as our students exchange ideas, challenge each other and ultimately discover more similarities […]

  • The Place To Be Now, it has been made official. A psychological survey confirmed Manly the new hot spot of the whole world. Manly and its citizens had to struggle through various examinations and – we all knew before – came out to be the winner! But, what makes Manly so special? First of all, […]

  • Manly and Northern Beaches lifestyle When you study English at the Sydney English Academy SEA you will be living on the beautiful Northern Beaches. The Northern Beaches stretch for many kilometres along Sydney’s beautiful coastline. With the ocean on one side and nature reserves on the other, you can walk along dramatic headlands or admire […]

  • English School Students

    Samantha Milton, Co-director of the Sydney English Academy believes it is the integral atmosphere of mutual respect which has seen SEA’s 40+ Program really take off over the last 2 years. “Any student, no matter their age is welcomed, their contribution valued.  This in turn enriches the lives of all fellow students.  Our mature-aged students […]